Urgh! This wasn’t planned!


So, as I lie here lungs diluted with pneumonia; I can’t help but think on the frailty of the human condition….  Of how often plans are made only to have them fouled by illness, or malady, or blight…  I mean, have you ever thought to yourself, “…but I didn’t plan on a flat tire!”  This is all a part of the ride.  It is how we accept the unexpected that can make life worth living, or cause it to spiral out if control.  If you can accept the change as a part of what was supposed to be, then explore the newer opportunities that have now presented themselves, you’ll likely end up enjoying that time, and even possibly finding something new because of it.  However, if you fight and struggle against this situation as a blight, you will likely end up forcing yourself down a road you weren’t meant to take; inevitably causing a cataclysm of unfortunate events to take up residency in your life, but it was the way YOU wanted it to happen…

You see there isn’t very much holding one course better than another in the short term, but ire the thought of progression a ways down…

And please remember that this life its yours.  For better or worse, it is the only product in this world that is truly your own.  Own it, but see where it takes you!  There is a symbiotic nature to life that cannot be ignored.

As for me, I’ve been forced to find time to breath!  Its good for my perspective..!

What do you do to..?


What are you doing to be your own advocate?  This is a very human question that I think transcends who we are, where we’re going, or where we want to end up.  Defining all of that is as well necessary, and will come in time, but you have to be your own advocate, your own loud-speaker.  To get what is desired out of this life, each of us has to let it be known to whomever, that we are in charge of our lives.  We do not want someone else telling us how we have to do things, and thus need to take it upon ourselves to know what we are doing better than the “professionals” do. We need to be the change we wish to see.  To become the living personification of everything that we respect and admire in others. And, it is in that (the perpetual learning, cramming, and conditioning) which lies the secret to true empowerment!